10 Important Reasons to Have a Modern Family Kitchen

10 Important Reasons to Have a Modern Family Kitchen

If your home is like many other families around the globe, your kitchen is one of the most used places in your entire home. A modern family kitchen is not only just a place to eat and prepare food, but it is also the social and conversational hub of most homes. If you tend to find yourself spending the most time in your kitchen either relaxing, cooking, or socializing with your loved ones, you are well aware of just how important your kitchen is to you.

That being said, you probably want to make sure that your kitchen stays clean and high-functioning for you, your family, and your guests. The only problem is that renovating your kitchen can be a daunting and time-consuming task that can seem to occupy all of your time, and that it can take an eternity to finish. It can seem like the job is never done when it comes to renovating and updating your kitchen.

Making sure that you renovate your kitchen so that you can keep it in top condition is critical for you and your home. And attending one of the World Class Shows can help you learn how to do it and get access to vendors offering signficant discounts!  Consider ten important reasons to renovate your kitchen.

1) Becoming a Top Chef

Whether you want to get into cooking professionally or just enjoying expanding your cooking horizons and knowledge of the craft, updating your kitchen is a great way to give you all the tools that you need to master cooking. It’s not only a great way to update and outfit your kitchen with everything that you need to be a pro, but it is also motivation to use your kitchen and cook more. Top tier kitchens are also great for hosting and dinner parties.

2) Changing the Scenery

Maybe you are just burnt out on cooking in the same old kitchen and could use an update to rediscover your love for the kitchen and cooking. Just because your kitchen is functional, doesn’t mean that it’s attractive. Maybe you just need to spruce up your kitchen to make it a vibrant place to hang out.

3) Inspiration From Another Kitchen

Are you a fan of home improvement and remodeling shows on television? They are always showing you affordable and create ways that you can remodel and DIY your kitchen to make it even more impressive. If you have gotten motivation from a show you love, go with it!

4) Money and Financial Incentives

What if you have found a super sale on a lot of the kitchen appliances, cabinets, flooring, etc. that you have been thinking about? Running across a great sale for something that you have been thinking about may be the only indication that you need to upgrade your kitchen. Low interest financing and seasonal trade-in options are a few other great reasons to update your kitchen.

5) Accommodating Others

If your kitchen lacks the features to accommodate someone in your family who is disabled or has special needs, updating your kitchen can be a great way to take care of your family members and make sure that they are safe.

6) Shaping it to Your Lifestyle

Maybe the previous owner of your home had a totally different lifestyle and vision for their kitchen than you do. If that’s the case, then you may be in a constant struggle with your kitchen to make it more suitable for your needs and your lifestyle. Maybe you could use a bar to host your friends at, or enjoy some coffee or a quick bite to eat with your family. Or perhaps you have always thought about adding a booth or bench right next to the kitchen window. Making your kitchen fit with your lifestyle is a great way to make your kitchen more usable and comfortable.

7) Bringing it Up to Date

Does your kitchen look like it would have been trendy 30, 40, or 50 years ago? You may just want to bring your kitchen into the modern era so that it doesn’t look like it feel out of a time machine. Modernize your kitchen with some sleek, stainless steel appliances and smooth cabinetry to open it up to the twenty first century.

8) Energy Efficiency

Another great reason to update your kitchen it to make it more energy efficient. Thankfully, there are tons of great, energy efficient options on the market today that are Energy Star certified. This will not only help you contribute to preserving the environment, it will also save you some serious money on your utility bills.

9) Deterioration

If the kitchen is the hub of your household, it may have undergone some serious deterioration over the last several years. Since you love your kitchen and you want to keep it looking fresh and new, it may be time to give your dilapidated kitchen an upgrade.

10) Increasing the Value

Looking to sell your house? There are few better ways to increase the value than giving your kitchen and overhaul. Or maybe the kitchen just needs a little facelift to increase the list value of your home. If the cost of renovating your kitchen is less than the value you think it will add to the sale price of your home, it might not be a bad idea to revitalize it.

Get amazing kitchen renovation ideas at one of the upcoming World Class Shows and score some great discounts, too!


The Best Home Renovations to Make in August

The Best Home Renovations to Make in August

This summer you have enjoyed pool parties, cook outs and spending time on the lawn. August is the best time to get last minute summer renovations in before the hustle and bustle of the school year starts. August is an excellent time to do remodeling and renovations because the weather is good, your contractors have more time to get the work done and the labor costs can be lower.

A lot of renovation projects can be put off, but you have time now. Everything your home needs is a possible opportunity, but some projects are easier to complete than others. Make sure to enlist your family to help you complete the tasks at hand. Here are some end-of-summer home renovations that you can do before Labor Day.

Driveway repair and paving

The time to lay asphalt is in the summer months. That’s why you see road construction most often in the hot days of the summer. Asphalt provides a smooth and flat surface for your driveway and is a quick fix for the quality and appearance of your driveway. The best part is that most contractors can complete the project in a day with just a few days until you can dry on it.

Updated garage door

Not only can you upgrade your garage door to an aluminum or insulated door, you can also update the opener system. Trouble leaving your door open? With a wireless-enabled garage door, you will never forget to close your garage door again!


August is a great time to add landscaping to your home. Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees need warm weather to help them adjust ahead of the winter. It is also an excellent time to install or update irrigation systems and add lighting to your landscaping. Want to take it to the next level? Install a pond or other water feature. If you want a complex project, reach out to a contractor to help.

Install a pool or hot tub

Installing pool involves a lot of tough work and labor. If you want an in-ground pool, you will need to dig and that requires warm weather. Adding a pool can increase your home’s value and you may even have the chance to get in before the end of the summer!


Want to change up the dining room color or paint the wood siding? Summer is the ideal time to complete painting both inside and outside of your home. You have the best chance of avoiding rain and snow in August. We recommend you start inside the home first and then work on the outside. Make sure you keep your windows open as you paint to reduce fumes and help the paint dry. If you are painting a small space or area, you can take this on yourself, but you may want to reach out to a contractor for larger projects.

Replace sidings

Tired of maintaining wood siding? Consider replacing it with newer, modern siding materials with custom colors that you don’t have to worry about painting. A contractor can help you decide which siding option is best for your home and climate.

Update your kitchen

Summer is a great time to do a kitchen repair. Your kitchen will be out of order for the time it is being renovated. With the benefit of summer, you can plan outdoor meals and cookouts to help make up for the time you will be away from your main cooking and dining area.

New Windows

Old windows can stick and be difficult to open, and they can get worse in summer. August is an excellent time to replace windows so you can finally enjoy the breeze of the autumn weather. You will probably want to use a contractor to install replacement windows. Many older homes have lead paint in the frames of their windows that require proper mitigation when removing and disposing of them.

Making home additions

An addition to your home requires serious planning, but if it is something you have had in the works for a while, August is a great time to complete the project. Rain and wind is limited during this time of the year, and you won’t have to worry about your home being exposed to the elements. The days of the summer are also longer which is beneficial for contractors getting the job done sooner.

These are just a few of some of the many home improvements you can work on this august. You might also consider completing some regular home and lawn maintenance as well like caulking around windows, in the kitchen and bathrooms, trimming trees and hedges, making repairs to fencing, checking roof shingles and cleaning gutters. Make a list, plan to complete it and check off your summer home renovations. You can celebrate with a Labor Day cook out!

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Find Top Tier Clients as a World Class Exhibitor

If you are a contractor, a remodeling company, a carpet cleaner, a floor installer or any of the other home, lawn and garden businesses in California, then you should consider becoming an exhibitor with World Class Shows to attract top tier clients.

top tier clientsAbout World Class Shows

World Class Shows is the top home and garden exhibition floor show In California. We serve the regions of Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Rafael, Point Richmond and Palm Springs, California.

Benefits of Becoming an Exhibitor

By becoming a World Class Shows exhibitor will be a benefit for you because it would bring clients directly to your home improvement business. You will be able to meet with your target client base. There, you will be able to share information about what your business offers and at our shows you will be able to generate huge sales leads! There is nothing quite as refreshing or stimulating as being able to provide in-person service to people who are interested precisely in what you have to offer.

Solid Reputation

World Class Shows has been bringing home and garden companies to the forefront of customers minds for many years. They have a solid reputation and many of the vendors that attend their shows often come back because of the quality and clientele that World Class Shows attracts.

What is World Class Shows?

Here at World Class Shows, we are California’s top showcase of home and garden products and services. We look to attract clients and home owners who are interested in improving their houses, remodeling, and projects for their lawn and home. We strive to educate homeowners about the local businesses that provide home improvement services throughout California.

Who are the Exhibitors?

Companies that offer lawn care services, bathroom, kitchen and living space remodeling services, wood floor installation, carpeting, painting, stone and brick laying, and many more are welcome at our shows!

Why World Class Shows Would Benefit You

World Class Shows offers a lot more than what conventional advertising can do for you. If you are using television or print advertising, or internet advertising, you are most likely reaching a wide audience of people, the majority of which you cannot offer your services to.

Targeted and Quality Clients

World Class Shows will help you reach quality clients that are targeted for your business. The money that you invest in becoming a World Class Show exhibitor is reinvested into their aggressive marketing plan that pre-qualifies preferred guests. World Class Shows uses all forms of advertising to promote their home shows through television, radio, print, guerilla marketing, billboards, internet marketing and reputation. World Class Shows is aggressive in their efforts to bring quality clients face to face with you!

Who Attends the Shows?

Attendees are homeowners who are looking to do improvement to their home, so no matter what your services are, the people who come to world class shows are already desirable clients within your target market. With that opportunity laid out and the atmosphere of World Class Shows, you can exhibit your services, products, new projects, and materials. You will be able to answer people’s questions and schedule consultations there on the floor. And while people are showing interest in your business, you’ll be able to qualify whether they would be a good candidate for you to offer your services to as well.

Industry Connections

At a World Class Show, you will be able to meet other businesses within your industry and have the opportunity to form new relationships and alliances.

Where Are the Shows?

World Class Shows is very versatile and their services are offered in several different parts of California including: San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Rafael, Point Richmond and Palm Springs. They want you to have a lot of options of where you want to exhibit and the locations that you and your business are looking to serve.

Let’s Connect

The one on one rapport that you can establish with potential clients is priceless. You can instantly connect with people on a deeply personal level, which will make you more attractive to them as they consider what you have to offer.

Benefits Everyone

World Class Shows has proven to be a benefit to both clients and exhibitors when it comes to meeting their home design needs. Our vendors who have done shows with us on a regular basis have seen an increase in sales and increased in customer engagement and the growth of their businesses in the long-term and the short-term all year round.

World Class Shows invites you to become an exhibitor with them. We are dedicated to promoting your services and your products and connecting you with the right people at the right time. Not only are World Class Shows fun, we are also inspiring and full of opportunity. You’d be establishing good client relations, building a reputation for yourself, building your brand and collaborating with other members of your trade. Come fill out an application to become a vendor with the World Class Shows today!

Thank you for reading our blog! How can we help you? Contact us today.

Top Reasons to Add a Half Bath to Your Home

Think about the bathrooms in your home. How much privacy do they provide? It’s probably not something you consider every day, given that typically it’s just you and your family. Now think about how much privacy these bathrooms provide when you have company over. What about out of town guests? All of a sudden that privacy seems rather inadequate, huh? The privacy issue alone is reason to consider adding a half bathroom to your home, particularly for guests and visitors to use. Not only does this preserve your family’s privacy, but adding a first-floor bathroom to your home is probably one of the soundest remodeling investments a homeowner can make. It adds privacy and convenience for you and your family, and long-term value to your home. Naturally, there are some considerations to make, and you will need a plan, but adding a half bath to your home has never been easier. Here are some tips to get you started.

small half bathLocation, Location, Location

Where in your home can you put a half bathroom? This question is the first that will need to be answered in order to install a half bath in your home.

Factors to Consider

There are a number of factors affecting the location, such as where your water and sewer connections run in the house, as well as where a half bath can fit within the existing structure. You will also need to consider whether or not you will be running plumbing line underneath the existing floor, or if you will need to cut into your home’s foundation to run pipes. These two factors alone can mean a significant difference in the cost of the project, so it is best to consider the location carefully. Many homeowners try to have their bathroom share a wall with an existing bathroom if possible. Other popular choices are using adjacent closets, ends of hallways, a space in a finished basement, or placing the bathroom adjacent to a kitchen space.

Space Needed

How big does a half bathroom need to be? Believe it or not, you can fit a half bath in 40 square feet. That’s only 3-4 feet wide and about 6-8 feet in length for a comfortable space.

Small Space Required

After all, bathroom fixtures don’t take up as much space as one might think, and half-bathrooms are more of a convenience space for answering the call of nature rather than a bathing and dressing space. When you consider the space needed, picking the right location in your home becomes a much easier affair thanks to the fact that any available space only needs to be 40 feet square or less.

Half-Bathroom Necessities

What will most people need at the minimum for their half-bathroom? A toilet, a sink, and a mirror are what your half-bath absolutely must have. Everything else such as storage space for extra necessities like bathroom tissue and hand soap is purely accessorizing, and you can always get creative with shelving and cabinetry if space is tight where you plan to install the half bathroom.

Ventilation and Electricity

What kind of ventilation and electrical work needs to be done? Building codes demand an operable window or an exhaust vent in every bathroom so that the space has adequate ventilation. Any outlets will also need to be installed using a GFI circuit for added shock protection due to their proximity to water in your home. If you own an older home, you may need to consider these changes to ventilation and electrical wiring in order to ensure your added half-bathroom is up to code.

Insulation for Peace of Mind and Privacy

Sound dampening is definitely of primary concern for any bathroom, but if your half bath is adjacent to living or dining spaces where you typically entertain company, you will want to make certain that the bathroom is private in every way possible. An inexpensive way to accomplish this is to add sound insulation to shared walls and wrapping all pipes, vents and drains with sound dampening materials before closing up your half-bathroom walls.

Are you giving serious thought to adding a half-bathroom to your home? Not sure how to find a contractor or start the process? Attend a World Class Home and Garden Show! You can meet with contractors to get ideas, consult with experts, set up appointments for estimates, and even score discounts from various vendors for attending the show. Our shows attract the best and brightest in remodeling and home improvement, and you are sure to find everything you need and learn everything you need to know about making an addition or remodeling any and every part of your home.

Visit our website to find a World Class Home and Garden Show in your area, and start making plans to add value and convenience to your home with a new half-bathroom.

Reasons to Convert a Deck to an Enclosed Patio Room This Summer

If you enjoy the great outdoors, including fresh air along with the sights and scents of the season, you probably love sitting outside on your deck or porch. Unless you live in a handful of states in America, inclement weather can rain on your parade when you try to sit on your deck year-round. Summers can become really hot, and winters are far too cold for sitting outside on your deck. So what’s the solution here? Have you ever thought about converting your deck or part of your deck into an enclosed patio room you can enjoy any time of year and no matter the weather? Enclosing part of your deck is one of the best ways that you can enjoy every season all throughout the year. Discover some of the greatest benefits to converting part of your deck into an enclosed patio room as a summer project.

Covered deck with sunroof windows, grill and metal outdoor furniLess Maintenance

One of the best reasons for having an enclosed area on your deck or patio is that they typically require much less maintenance than the outdoor parts of your deck. Sudden changes in weather, temperature, and humidity wreak havoc on your deck’s materials. Storms, sun exposure, and the elements can weather your deck quickly.

Ensure Seasons and Changes

By covering part of your deck, you don’t have to worry about pressure washing, staining, sealing, and replacing the boards of your deck as fast as you would otherwise. If you have ever undertaken any of these tasks before, you know that deck maintenance is no easy task. Less maintenance means that you aren’t moving your deck furniture, cushions, plants and other patio furniture inside and outside when the weather gets poor or when the seasons change. Even if just part of your deck is covered, that can mean significantly less annual maintenance to take care of your deck and enclosed area.

Adding Value to Your Home

Making an enclosed room to your deck or patio is an incredibly simple and effective way to add value to your home. If you bought your home as an investment or think that you may be interested in selling it in the future, adding an enclosed room on your deck may be a great way to bump up the value of your home. You can meet potential contractors in your area by attending a local World Class Home and Garden Show!

Building Codes

Check with an expert or contractor to see if adding an enclosed room to your porch meets the building codes of your area. After that, double-check with the contractor that creating the room is feasible based on the physical structure of your home. You may also consult an architect or the builder to find out if the deck can support the weight of the room. When these things check out, ask a local real estate agent to get an estimate about how much that usable indoor space will increase the value of your home. Then you can compare the cost of creating the outdoor space versus the value that it creates for your home.

The Comfort of Indoors and Outdoors

An enclosed room on your deck gives you all of the comforts of the indoors, while you are surrounded by the great outdoors.

A Cozy Space

What’s nice about having an outdoor room is that you can adorn it with comfortable indoor furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, outlets and anything else that you can think of to make it comfortable.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

Having large screens or floor-to-ceiling windows with screens in your indoor-outdoor room is a great way to get fresh air at any time.

Keep Out the Bugs

A nice feature of having screened windows is that you can enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes or infested by bugs.

Get Four Seasons Per Year While Outdoors

The flexibility of an enclosed room in your home gives you the ability to enjoy four seasons a year on your deck or patio.

All Types of Activities

Depending on the kind of insulation and glass that you get in your enclosed room, you can enjoy any and every meal of the day out there for three to four seasons a year. Make sure to check with your builder or contractor the different kind of materials that you can use to make your outdoor room as versatile as possible. Also, look into heating elements for when it gets very chilly during New Jersey’s winter season.

Why Is Summer the Best Time to Build It?

If you get your room built before the end of summer, you can build your deck room while the weather is still pleasant. This gives you an idea of what kind of lifestyle your covered deck provides in the fall, winter, and spring.

Before You Convert Your Deck to an Enclosed Sunroom

Before you start with your outdoor conversion, ask yourself, “Is this something that I would get great use out of?” If the answer is “yes,” the next step includes making sure that the enclosed room meets building codes. Have experts to check out your deck so that the conversion would be feasible. Get an idea of what options you have for your deck, and what features would suit you best.

Attending a World Class Home and Garden Show is a fantastic way to get amazing ideas. You can shop around at your leisure, talk to contractors about basic specifications, and even get special deals and coupons to save money on your next home renovation project!

Ten Top DIY Home Improvement Project Ideas to Consider This Summer

Update your home and make it a more enjoyable place to be with summer home improvement projects. Investing time in projects indoors and out will make your home a comfortable oasis you can enjoy year round. Summer is a perfect time to consider DIY home improvement project ideas and make the most of your house.

DIY Home Improvement Project IdeasGet Ideas at World Class Show Expos

Keep these projects in mind as you head out to a World Class Show Expo near you. You’ll be sure to find the connections you need for contractors, supplies, and tech that’ll help you whittle down your summer to-do list and have plenty of time to spare for sipping mojitos poolside.

1.  Restain the deck

Restaining and repairing your deck is the perfect summertime activity since you’re probably going to want to spend a good bit of time enjoying your deck for cookouts and other summer entertaining. Find the supplies you need to strip, stain and touch up your deck so that you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

2. Add new siding

If your home is in need of a new exterior treatment, summer is the perfect time to spruce up the siding. Find vinyl, wood and other materials for adding new curb appeal to your home’s exterior this summer.

3. Spruce up your front door

Your front door generally doesn’t get the attention it needs when it comes to repainting and repair. Don’t let this season get by without taking time to maintain your front door. You’ll want to check your hardware to make sure that it’s up to snuff for keeping your home secure. Additionally, you may want to strip and repaint it to blend in better with your new siding.

4. Install a ceiling fan

Adding ceiling fans to the rooms of your home will help you to achieve cool comfort throughout the house. Add ceiling fans to the kitchen, bedrooms and main gathering areas to generate a cool breeze.

5. Power wash the outdoors

Clean up your home’s exterior and outdoor surfaces with a good power washing all around. You’ll want to focus on moldy spots on your siding and ground in dirt on walkways and patio floors. Find a power washing machine of your own or get in touch with a local contractor at your nearest World Class Show Expo.

6. Remodel a bathroom

Bathroom remodels are a worthwhile investment to make in your home, as these updates often fetch more than your investment when you go to resell. While you may not want to undertake a bathroom remodel on your own, connecting with a local contractor who can steer you in the right direction is always a good plan. Plus, you can learn more about innovations for bathrooms and how to include new fixtures and more in your new bathroom. Check out product demonstrations and interactive exhibits at your closest Expo.

7. Replace the windows

Summer is a good time to get indoor/outdoor work completed. With warmer weather and more temperate days, you can get away with leaving windows and doors open for extended periods of time. That’s why this summer is a great time to think about replacing your home’s windows. Windows need to be replaced every so often, and many homeowners don’t take notice until they begin experiencing problems like drafts and increased energy bills. Be proactive with your windows and replace them now, before the cold and rain creep in.

8. Add a new patio

While you’re thinking about enjoying the seasonal outdoor weather, consider adding a new patio to your home. Whether you’ve got a small deck and are thinking of expanding or haven’t yet ventured to adding a nice outdoor space, this summer is definitely the season for contemplating adding a patio to your backyard. At a World Class Show Expo, you can learn more about the latest technologies for retractable awnings and catch up on trends in stain and flooring components. Plus you can connect with a building crew that can make your outdoor entertainment space dreams come true.

9. Remodel the kitchen

Even though you may not want to spend much time in the kitchen, slaving over the hot oven in the scorching summer heat, this season is the perfect chance to renovate or remodel your kitchen. Since you won’t want to be working on your outdated and scuffed appliances during the heat, schedule a date for new ones to arrive. Add new counters and refinish the cabinets while you’re at it, and you’re well on your way to a whole new kitchen for fall baking.

10. Update your air conditioning

Who wants to swelter away while the summer sun bakes down? If your air conditioning has seen better days or you need to reduce your energy bills, you may want to consider updating your homes HVAC system. Learn more about energy efficient options and connect with local HVAC professionals at your World Class Show Expo.

Why Everyone Rushes to Attend the Marin Home and Garden Expo

home and gardenWhether you are taking the plunge into home improvement or simply browsing ideas and inspiration, the Marin Home and Garden Expo has something for you. Exotic landscape designs tempt the outdoor gardener. And, a slew of exhibitor choices gives you the pick of who to hire. So, what sets this World Class Shows Home Show apart? Check out the reasons everyone rushes to get to the Marin Home and Garden Expo on May 20 and May 21. And, find your inspiration to attend.

Ideas Galore

The number one reason people attend home and garden shows is for inspiration. The Marin Home and Garden Expo promises more than the average home event. And, guests agree stating this “show has the largest variety of exhibitors,” and “has no equal.”promises more than the average home event. And, guests agree stating this “show has the largest variety of exhibitors,” and “has no equal.”promises more than the average home event. And, guests agree stating this “show has the largest variety of exhibitors,” and “has no equal.”

Cutting Edge Updates

With cutting-edge home products and the latest baby technology, Marin showcases products previously unavailable to the average homeowner. And, the experience goes beyond just seeing the products. Guests walk through a Virtual Nursery and try 3D glasses for visualizing home projects before tackling them.

Save on Home Improvements

Home improvements and landscape redesigns require a hefty budget. And, homeowners want the most bang for their buck whether sprucing up their home or garden. At the Marin Expo, saving money begins with a low ticket price and ends with price adjustments on home and lawn services.

Show Only Discounts

“Show only” discounts give you a head start on staying on budget with projects booked through vendors at the Expo. Guests save on services ranging from remodels to design, from windows to floors, and roofs and gutters to basements and garage storage.

Up-Close with Contractors

A World Class Shows Home Show gives you exposure to contractors face-to-face. Shake a hand, ask questions, compare prices, see work samples and even hire a company on the spot. And, all without running around town to different locations.

Get to Know the Contractors

Successful DIY projects and other home remodels start with knowledge of a quality contractor and his or her fit to your needs. You may just need direction in a DIY project or desire to let a professional do the work. Either way, a day at the Marin Home and Garden Expo provides.

Expert Advice

Seminars by leading home professionals offer insight and practical information to Expo guests. Catching one of these sessions are sure to spark your interest and answer your questions.

The Carey Bros.

Professional renovators, the Carey Bros., share hands-on advice through their radio program and syndicated newspaper column, On the House. At the Expo, guests gain access to their 70 plus years of award-winning experience as licensed contractors.

Boyce Thompson

Boyce Thompson’s goal is to identify innovative products which redefine life at home. And, he brings his expertise to the Expo. As an author, editor and public speaker, guests hear from Thompson on DIY trends, remodeling and new home markets.

The Exciting High-Tech Pavillion

Unlike the store or online, the High-Tech Pavilion at the Marin Home and Garden Expo allows you to interact and experience smart home features. Finding the technology which best fits your lifestyle proves easy in this environment. A few of such experiences include:

Gate Deadbolt

An exciting innovation featured in the Expo is the Gate Deadbolt developed by Gate Labs in San Francisco. Just launched this year, this home security tool allows you, the homeowner, to see and talk with guests at the door via your smartphone. Plus , in an added security measure, a photo of a repairman is sent to you before he or she arrives at your door.

Smart Home Showcase

Tour the convenience and be amazed by an interactive Smart Home. Technology and everyday living collide in this exhibit curated by Boyce Thompson, author of The New, New Home. Guests also get the opportunity to hear Boyce speak at the conference.

Smart Baby Nursery

Healthy Bee tours attendees through a Smart Baby Nursery with features based on Smart Baby Care. Not sure what that means? Attend the show to experience how tech integrates with baby needs such as sleeping, eating, diapering and sickness care routines.

Prizes and More

Throughout the event, giveaways award free products and services to Expo guests. Offering $8,500 in prizes, World Class Shows rewards those entering the doors. While attending the show reveals the full list, a p5 mattress from Sleep Number is a coveted prize valued at $2,400.

Low-Cost Family Day

With free admission and parking, the Marin Home and Garden Expo makes a perfect, budget-friendly family day. Or, grab your sweetheart, and walk the Marin Civic Center imagining together. Either way, you are sure to find inspiration or a start to that your dream project.

The reasons to attend a World Class Shows Home Show prove enticing. Jump in the car and get on over to the Marin Home and Garden Expo to find out for yourself what the fuss is about. And, while you are there, do not miss the Moorebot by Pilot Labs as it sings and reads to your children.